Asset Portal

Our Asset Portal is currently under construction. Please check back again soon.








The Asset Portal is a good source of information to any organisation that wishes to own, develop or manage an Asset. By “Asset” we mean land and buildings that can be used for community or public benefit.  We offer advice, guidance and support through the Portal, recommending general services and specific organisations that may be of help to those who need it.

The information and resources available are aimed at:

  • Any civil society organisation that has an interest in asset development and transfer, including representatives from the voluntary and community sector, social enterprises, charities, community based organisations, etc
  • Statutory sector representatives that have a remit to support civil society organisations, including local authority officers from property, valuation and asset management, strategy, land use planning, finance, regeneration, policy and community development.
  • Funders, councils for voluntary services, advisors and supporters of organisations from the social enterprise and community and voluntary sector.


In addition, DTA Wales administer a closed Facebook group for practitioners and anyone interested in networking on Community Asset Transfer and Development issues:  Join by clicking here.