Blaenycwm Baptist Chapel Pay As You Will Café

Date: 13.08.2019



Phill from the Blaenycwm Baptist Chapel took advantage of our bursary fund to visit his mentor and some relevant projects in Leeds earlier this year. As part of ongoing support, our groups can apply for specific visits to meet with fellow practitioners and learn first-hand from them before embarking on their own social enterprise venture. He spent the day with The Real Junk food Project, the pioneers of the food interception idea, where waste food is either cooked and sold in cafes or sold on in Sharehouses, all under the model of ‘pay as you feel’.

They spent the day visiting projects such as the Canteen in Shipley and St Mark’s Church in Harrogate, their mentor explained the origins of the Real Junk food Project, the various projects they run including- Sharehouse, Pay as you feel  cafes and Fuel for School. They discussed the various models of governance and finance for these projects and ways in which they could tie in with a church based community project.

Phill found the trip extremely useful and Blaenycwm Baptist Chapel has now opened their own cafe ‘The Leaner Gleaner ‘.

“All of these discussions were enhanced by visiting the projects and meeting the various participants at each venue.”