Galeri Caernarfon

Galeri Caernarfon Cyf is a not for private profit community enterprise operating as a development trust in the historic town of Caernarfon, Gwynedd.  It was established in 1992 to ‘pursue social, economic and environmental projects for the benefit of the community in Caernarfon and its environs’.

The centre of Caernarfon is now a World Heritage Site, but in the mid 80’s over half the properties within the walled town were derelict.  The company has worked hard to improve the image of Caernarfon town centre by purchasing derelict buildings (shops, offices and housing) within the walled town. To date, the Trust has refurbished and re-developed 20 previously vacant and run down properties in Caernarfon.


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Galeri Creative Enterprise, a £7.5m Theatre and art space development was officially opened in April 2005 and has been the largest and most ambitious of the trust’s project so far. The opening of Galeri marked a significant development for the arts and creative industries in North Wales.


  • The company contributes almost £2.5m to the Gwynedd and Anglesey economy
  • For each £1 spent in Galeri, it is worth £2 to the local economy
  • Every £1 of grant funding generates £9.65 in the local economy
  • The company employ over 50 members of staff [full time / part time / seasonal]
  • Galeri supports an additional 50 jobs in the local economy
  • The community is empowered and supported in becoming key stakeholders for the project
  • New 2 screen cinema extension to open in September 2018

Lessons Learned

  • Rents secured on each completed property helped to pay for subsequent restorations.
  • Grand visions can be achieved with a lot of motivation and determination but also flexibility.
  • Ensure ideas are seen as carefully constructed, effective, best value and (most importantly) attractive to statutory or private sector investors.
  • Work with local individuals, groups and organisations so that your local community is involved in what is happening.