Community Ownership


Communities are increasingly being asked or considering taking on land and buildings across Wales.

We support a range of activities to help community organisations ensure their asset project is a success.

DTA Wales is one of 10 partners delivering the Community Ownership Fund programme.

The £150 Million fund exists to help local communities across the UK to take control of assets, amenities or facilities that are at risk of closure – from parks to pubs, lidos to libraries. 

Groups can apply for up to £250k through the Community Ownership Fund to purchase or lease a local asset or to help pay for refurbishments.  All funds provided through COF must be ‘matched’ £1 for £1 from alternative sources. Find out if the fund is right for your organisation and how we can help by visiting the Community Ownership Fund support programme page at

Ebbw Vale Inst  


We can support your assets project in a variety of ways:

Before you transfer the asset

Helping you plan?  Need a feasibility study, business plan, or strategic plan for your asset?

Helping you through the transfer?  Considerations for your draft lease / terms of transfer?  Help to assess viability not liability.  What information will you need for your transferring body.

Following the transfer taking place

Helping you develop your community owned asset sustainably?  Need to reduce running costs?  Need to review your operations?  Need to refine your income generation strategy?  Marketing your community owned asset.

Using our DTA Wales Pool of practitioners and experience asset developers, we can support you outside of our existing Programmes as a Consultancy Service.

By using our Energy Action Group service, we could help lower the running costs of your community owned asset.  See the guide below for more information.

We provided support directly to Applicants and Award winning groups taking part in the Big Lottery Community Asset Transfer 2 Programme under a support contract with the Big Lottery. This support helped Applicants prepare their project plans setting out their business case and plans for the sites post transfer. Ongoing mentoring following a CAT2 funding award helped groups develop the asset to its full potential, ensuring long term sustainability.

More information on the groups we have worked with as part of this Big Lottery support contract can be found here.

Read a blog about our visit to the Ebbw Vale Institute as part of the CAT2 support contract.