Egni Co-op Need your Roof!

Date: 12.02.2019

Egni Co-op, an award-winning Welsh solar pv co-op, is looking for buildings roofs in Wales such as community centres, businesses and schools who’ve got an interest in reducing their bills and helping to tackle climate change.

The Feed in Tariff ends on 31st March but as a co-op they can register a site and fix the Feed in Tariff for a year, which gives time to raise money using community shares. The response so far has been fantastic – they working with over 40 community groups and businesses, pre-registering over 1 MW of solar!

It really helps that Egni has already installed 179kw of solar on seven sites which have been running well for three years. Their existing sites include Ysgol y Bedol in Garnant, Dove Workshops in Banwen, Glynneath Training Centre, the Phoenix Centre in Swansea and Trimsaran Leisure Centre.

They’re also part of the same team which developed the Awel Co-op community wind farm above Pontardawe – this was recognised as the best community energy project in England and Wales and raised over £3m from a co-op share offer.

Everyone recognises the impact of climate change and this an opportunity to do something positive whilst engaging people in a co-op. Also, if people want to know about the forthcoming the share offer, they can join the Egni mailing list on

However, time is running out so if you are interested, please email or phone Rosie Gillam on 07938 377374.