Energy Action Group COVID-19 Advice


General Energy Advice for Members during Covid-19 crisis.

Reducing non-essential consumption

With so many organisations having to vacate their premises during lockdown there is an opportunity to reduce energy consumption on site. We recommend reviewing all energy consuming equipment and if possible, if you have not already done so :-

  1. Emptying and unplugging fridges/freezers, cleaning and leaving their doors open
  2. Adjusting time clocks for boilers and pumps to summer use or turning them off completely
  3. Checking fans and air conditioning units are switched off
  4. Checking all lighting and heating appliances are switched off
  5. Fully shutting down un-needed computers, printers and screens
  6. Review whether network routers and computers are required to remain on for home workers
  7. Ensure automatic outside lighting, alarm systems, switchboards and servers are left on and that any required cooling for these are active.

These guidelines should be adjusted according to your specific needs and subject to your judgement but if an appliance can safely be disconnected then we recommend doing so.

We also recommend checking for water leaks.

Take Meter readings if possible

During these times supplier’s ability to estimate your energy consumption will be diminished. They probably do not know if your premises are occupied or empty, so are likely to be using their normal estimation calculations, in these abnormal times. 

If you access to your premises temporarily, you should take clear legible photographs (on your Mobile) of all your meters, including water.

It is important to check any estimated bills you receive are correct, by comparing your actual meter reading against the estimates provided on the bill by the supplier. If they are close then they are realistic and payment should be made as usual, if possible. If the estimate is significantly different then we strongly recommend contacting your supplier, with your up to date meter readings, so they can re-bill you accurately. 

Doing this will reassure you that you are being billed accurately and may identify any strange usage too. It will also prevent excessive credit or debit balances building up which could cause difficulties. 

If your premises are unoccupied then by taking the measures above energy bills should remain proportionate and manageable.

The DTA Energy Action Group is available to provide utility guidance as usual during lockdown, or when you start to move gradually back to your premises. If you have any queries or concerns about your utilities, please feel free to contact us on 01256 976751.

Home Working

Whilst staff are homeworking during lockdown 7xdays a week, their energy use is likely to be higher. We recommend they also follow good energy efficiency practice to avoid waste and ensure bills are not unnecessarily high.

Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time. We hope you remain safe and that you can return to normal operations as soon as possible.