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Rising energy costs are an ongoing issue for many Charities and Development Trusts. To move forward as sustainable organisations, they need to explore ways of reducing energy costs, and ultimately, energy consumption. In the first instance, the Energy Action Group will enable you to address gas and electricity costs, and in the longer term, provide help and advice on reducing your energy consumption and carbon emissions.

DTA Wales delivers the Energy Action Group (EAG) service to our Members and others in the sector.  Working alongside our energy management consultants, Touchstone Services, competitive quotes are found which can save your community owned asset or enterprise significant, hard earned funds.

The scheme concentrates on a bulk purchasing initiative, but also seeks to help members reduce their energy consumption and deliver services such as asset transfers for utilities and asset management. The Energy Action Group increases your buying power by pooling your consumption together with hundreds of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other community organisations.

The following DTA Wales Members and Welsh organisations have used the service and saved money on their utilities bill:

  • Arts Factory
  • Carmarthenshire Heritage Regeneration Trust
  • Cornelly & District Development Trust
  • Dee Valley Trust CIC
  • Galeri Caernarfon
  • Gorseinon Development Trust
  • Menter Mon / Annog Cyf
  • Muni Arts Centre
  • NSA Afan
  • ProMo Cymru
  • Transition Llanbed Development Trust
  • Vision 21
  • Wales Air Ambulance

In addition we work in partnership with other membership bodies to allow their Members to also access low cost utilities via the Energy Action Group including Locality and the Association of Independent Museums.

What does it cost to join the EAG?

There is no charge to join or use the Energy Action Group (EAG). The energy basket derives its income solely from commission payments negotiated with suppliers.

How do we join?

Simply provide us with a standard “Letter of Authority” authorising us to talk with suppliers and other industry organisations. Secondly, send us copies of your latest gas and electricity bills. These provide all the details we need to review your supply arrangements and seek competitive alternatives at the appropriate time.

What is the Letter of Authority?

The “Letter of Authority” gives DTA Wales and Touchstone Services authority to review your current energy bill and negotiate an energy contract on your behalf. To complete the Letter of Authority you need to print a copy onto your organisation’s headed paper, sign it and send a scanned version back to the DTA Wales Energy Action Group, along with a copy of your latest energy bill. This does not commit you to any further action, but it is essential in helping you take the first step in addressing your energy needs.  Download a template “Letter of Authority” below.

What happens next?

Touchstone Services will review your bill, contact your current supplier and check your total usage. When they contact your current supplier they will request that you are not put on a higher tariff as you enter your contract renewal period; they will also formally terminate your contract which enables you to move supplier. You might find your current supplier sends a new quote at this point, but we recommend you don’t sign up for a new contract as renewal prices from your current supplier are rarely as competitive as open market rates, let alone EAG Basket rates.  If you do decide to change energy suppliers, you will not be cut off!

And then?

Touchstone Services will be in contact with free, no obligation cheaper energy quotes which you can sign up for as an individual organisation.  Following this you will be able to join the energy basket at the next contract end date and continue to  enjoy cheaper energy costs.

How can the DTAW Energy Action Group help you?

The Energy Action Group is providing a new way for charities and not-for-profit organisations to cut energy costs and gain energy advice. Working in partnership with a number of other non-profit organisations, the DTAW EAG is providing a way for Development Trusts of all sizes to:
  • Review energy bills
  • Work with an Energy Management Company
  • Join a bulk energy buying basket to reduce costs further

So how does Collective Energy Purchasing work for DTA Wales Members?

Once a year the EAG runs a group energy buying basket in conjunction with other like-minded organisations with contracts starting at the same time. The principle is simple and relies on good buying relationships and well organised bulk tendering. Participation carries no additional cost and members are free to choose the offer that suits them best. You will find that group buying can really cut energy costs.

Read the Energy Action Group FAQ here


To find out more about the DTA Wales Energy Action Group, please contact Touchstone Services at:


Tel: 01256 976751

Also download guides and resources below.

All DTA Wales members are welcome to join the scheme and get free, no obligation energy quotes. The Energy Buying Group has a proven track record of providing unbeatable quotes for its members; prices which were otherwise unavailable to individual organisations. Several hundred UK museums and heritage attractions are members of the annual buying basket.