Address:17 West Bute Street, Cardiff, UK


Tel:029 2046 2222

Contact:Marco Gil-Cervantes

Description & History

ProMo-Cymru started in 1982. Our vision is to empower people and communities to create positive change. We provide innovative and creative solutions through digital technology. We believe in co-operation, communication and engagement, and have been doing it successfully for over 30 years.

We empower people to envision the future they want and have a voice, bringing them together to make a difference and achieve common goals. Our cooperative principles have been central to our work for over 30 years, with all of our profits invested back into community projects.

Location and Area of Benefit

We cover the whole of Wales with offices in Cardiff and Ebbw Vale.

Main services, Enterprises and Activities

We provide expert advice and spot-on solutions for engaging with communities and creating positive change. Whether that’s starting a helpline, shooting a video, taking over a building, providing training and workshops, providing ICT support or skills in finance management… we help services, groups and organisations communicate effectively with the people they are trying to engage.

Emerging & Proposed Future Developments

ProMo-Cymru believes in working collaboratively, learning and developing our services from the experience and expertise gained, constantly innovating to ensure sustainability. We are increasingly being recognised as the leaders of digital and technological transformation in the third sector in Wales. In the current and emerging context, we will be playing more and more of a vital role in helping services and organisations achieve the priorities of the Programme for Government: Taking Wales Forward 2016 – 2021 as reflected in the 7 Well-being and 5 Sustainability Principles of the Future Generations Act 2015 and Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014.