Rounded Developments Enterprises Ltd

Address:Wyndham Crescent, Cardiff CF11 9EE, UK


Tel:029 2037 3094

Contact:Peter Draper

Description & History

Rounded Developments Enterprises (RDE) was established in 2002 with the aims of:

Championing the development of sustainable building in Wales by:

  • Raising awareness and sharing knowledge through educational activities;
  • Developing supply chain networks;
  • Facilitating and supporting the implementation of projects.

Location and Area of Benefit

RDE is based in Cardiff and is constituted to serve the whole of Wales, but primarily works within SE Wales.

Main services, Enterprises and Activities

RDE provides a series of services.

  • It has a consultancy service for community and voluntary organisations who wish to undertake construction projects where holistic feasibility, community consultation and design studies are required.
  • RDE also provides an information service for groups to come and explore the world of sustainable building.
  • RDE also acts as an access point for some sustainable building products, notably eco paints.

Emerging & Proposed Future Developments

RDE sit on the board of the Sustainable Traditional Buildings Alliance (STBA) and currently hold the Sustainability Chair. With the STBA we have been instrumental in driving forward the sustainable retrofit agenda. We are currently running projects with local Housing Associations delivering new ways of working that should help to prevent costly mistakes for the industry and environment into the future.

Most of the work of RDE is now focused on consultancy services and it has been very active in supporting the Renew Wales project in terms of assisting community groups understand their building assets. Work here tends to focus on the Whole Building Approach (as pioneered by the STBA) that helps communities address: the issues created by climate change; the opportunities granted by Asset Transfer programmes; the resources available through grant funding; and the inherent risks associated with social, heritage and economic change.