Funded Peer Support

At DTA Wales we believe in connecting people and organisations to support one another.

Where Essentials and Member Plus members feel that some dedicated time with another organisation could help them solve a tricky problem, unlock an opportunity or take a significant next step, they are able to apply for a small grant to cover time, travel costs or other related expenses to allow them to access knowledge and expertise from other organisations.

To apply for peer support, contact us using the form below and tell us about what you’d like some help with. You must be an Essentials or Member Plus member in order to apply, and we are more likely to approve applications where the organisation you’re seeking support from is also a DTA Wales member (but do still apply if they’re not).

If you know who you think you’d like support from then let us know, but if not then just describe what you need help with and we will be able to match you with an organisation from our network.

Apply for Peer Support