DTA Wales aims to influence policy and change on behalf of our members and the community enterprise sector in Wales and across the UK, in terms of;

  • Community empowerment and ownership
  • Community and social enterprise and local economic development and investment
  • Community asset development and asset transfer
  • Sustainable development and wellbeing


We believe that local community organisations provide solutions to many of the complex social, economic and environmental challenges facing our communities.

We want to create a better operating and enabling environment for development trusts and other community anchor enterprise organisations. We want to support and invest in their work, recognise the social, environmental, economic and cultural value of their work and help them strengthen resilient communities and transform the lives of local people.

We do this through;

  • Promoting the work of our members, best practice of innovation and impacts and like-minded community enterprise practitioners
  • Responding to consultations and policy engagement relevant to our members
  • Meeting with funders and investors to promote the need for continued investment in our sector
  • Securing resources for new programmes that create opportunities for both us and our members to take practical action and develop and improve our impacts at local level.