Social Enterprises tackling the Climate Emergency and the Green Recovery

Date: 27.08.2020

The Social Enterprise Stakeholder Group are glad to offer an opportunity for social enterprises throughout Wales to join the conversation on how we together can build on what has been achieved by our sector and grow more social enterprises who want to make a real difference in tackling the climate emergency and being at the heart of a Green Recovery in Wales.

The Vision and Action Plan which accompanied ‘Transforming Wales through Social Enterprise’ was launched on 15th July and recognises the value social enterprises place on protecting the environment and can lead the way in tackling the climate emergency to build more resilient communities with a sustainable economy.

On this webinar, we will:

  • Develop collaborative, practical solutions to the climate change emergency
  • Gain insight from existing environmentally-focussed social enterprise innovators
  • Look at how individual social enterprises can reduce their carbon footprint and environmental impact
  • Include breakout rooms, a Q&A and panel discussion to drill down into specific subject areas and create practical solutions