Transforming Wales Through Social Enterprise: Vision and Action Plan launch

Date: 15.07.2020

A new and bold social enterprise vision and action plan has been published today designed to rebuild, grow and strengthen the social enterprise sector and enable it to address the challenges facing Wales.

Co-produced by social enterprises and social enterprise support agencies with the support of Welsh Government*, ‘Transforming Wales through social enterprise’ outlines an ambitious vision which will see social enterprise become the business model of choice in Wales by 2030 for people and communities  delivering solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.

The 10 year vision is supported by an action plan focused around outcomes, including:

  • More people choosing to engage with social enterprises – as customers, employees, volunteers or leaders
  • Social enterprises will play a greater role in tackling climate change and protecting the environment
  • Social enterprises will be better able to exploit digital technology for social good
  • Good quality specialist business support, tailored to the needs of the sector, will be available to everyone who needs it
  • Social enterprises will be better connected to each other and will speak with a more unified voice
  • Social enterprises will adopt Fair Work practices, pay the Living Wage and increase diversity amongst their employees and volunteers.
*This document has been produced and published by the social enterprise stakeholder group comprising of the following organisations:

Development Trusts Association Wales

Social Firms Wales



Cwmpas (formerly Wales Co-operative Centre)

As well as previous members:

Antur Waunfawr

Coalfields Regeneration Trust