Cwm Harry Land Trust

Address:Unit H, Vastre Industrial Estate, Newtown, Powys SY16 1DZ



Tel:01686 626234


Description & History

Cwm Harry is a Do Think Tank. They believe in doing practical things but also thinking how they are both designed and delivered to the benefit of the environment, the communities in which they operate and of course the client.

They retain a small development team but regularly draw in innovative brains from their teams on the ground, associates and indeed from the communities they work with. This unique combination not only gives good value for money but also gives innovation in abundance. A sort of policy and solutions approach.

Location and Area of Benefit

The Trust has operations across the Marches of England and Wales.

Main services, Enterprises and Activities

  • zero waste
  • food
  • energy
  • nutrients
  • growing

All through building sustainable businesses for people and planet

Emerging & Proposed Future Developments

At the close of 2017 Cwm Harry is moving the 380 acre Ffarm Moelyci in to new ownership having saved it from demise and having turned it round as a rural enterprise hub. At the same time we have catalysed and project managed a CAT2  bid that, if successful, will see Wales largest land asset transfer – of 130 acres – take place in 2018 and will see a  new community Trust pioneer wealth through creation off the back of rich green spaces. And finally after two years of waiting we finally get to incubate a new social enterprise dedicated to developing skills on the back of sustainable resources management i.e. turning waste in to wealth.