Llanrumney Hall Community Trust

Address:Ball Road, Llanrumney, Cardiff. CF3 4JJ




Tel:02920 001441

Contact:Mary Harris

Description and History

Llanrumney Hall is situated in the heart of Llanrumney. Its rich and eclectic history dates back to 1452. The 900 acres of land that formed the estate of Llanrumney Hall were compulsorily purchased by the Local Authority in 1952 to build the (then) much needed new council housing stock. Llanrumney Hall itself became a public house in 1956. The Hall was handed back to the Local Authority in 2013. It had fallen into a poor state and needed complete refurbishment to save it and transform it into a thriving community facility to tackle poverty and to achieve positive, economic, learning, health & wellbeing outcomes for the immediate and surrounding community.
Llanrumney Hall Community Trust was set up as a registered Charity in 2016 to undertake this re-development following consultations with the community.

Llanrumney is located in one of the highest listings for deprivation and inequality in Wales with a third of residents being classed as living in poverty. This suburb of Cardiff felt it had been ‘left behind’ in the significant re-development and regeneration of Cardiff Bay and Central Cardiff area. Community members felt the transformation of Llanrumney Hall would provide a vast range of opportunities for the East of Cardiff and for visitors to this historic location.

The mission of our registered charity –Llanrumney Hall Community Trust – is to help Llanrumney to help itself out of poverty. The Trust will accomplish this by providing a hub for community engagement, service provision and micro-business generation. Job creation, economic improvements, community education, sport, health & wellbeing, crèche/after schools club and affordable rental space for local groups were identified by the community as areas of urgent need and will be incorporated into the development of Llanrumney Hall.