Volunteer at the Victoria Hall – Lampeter

Date: 05.02.2019

Transition Llambed Development Trust are currently seeking volunteers in all capacities to help support their ongoing initiatives at the Victoria Hall. In addition they are seeking to form sub-committees to assist in the running of the Victoria Hall, This could be anything from finance, marketing, development etc

These committees will help with the day to day management of the hall and have a bigger impact on what can be provided to our community.

The purpose of committees is to provide leadership and guidance in specialised areas that can be dealt with more effectively by a smaller group than the full board.

Do you have the same vision?

Do you have the same vision and want to work with TLDT to achieve their goal of a creating resilient communities? If so please enquire into becoming a Transition volunteer today by leaving your details on their Facebook post here.

Alternatively pop in to Victoria Hall for a chat and discover how you can be part of building your community.