Latest application window for Community Ownership Fund announced

Date: 02.08.2023
Is there a building or land or value to your community in danger of being closed or lost?
The next application window for the Community Ownership Fund will be 30th August – 11th October.
DTA Wales is one of 10 leading community support organisations combining our knowledge and skills to help potential applicants to develop their project proposals and apply to the Community Ownership Fund. Between us we cover the whole of the UK; offering a deep knowledge base and experience of working with organisations developing a range of community assets. 

Groups can apply for up to £250k (£1M in exceptional circumstances) through the Community Ownership Fund to purchase or lease a local asset or to help pay for refurbishments – this includes buildings or land which isused for the well-being or social interest of the local community. These include green spaces, libraries, cultural spaces, leisure facilities, community centres, pubs and more.

All funds provided through COF must be ‘matched’ 20% of more from alternative sources. Eligible sources of match funding may include grants, loans and ‘non-cash’ sources, such as donations of relevant goods and services or the value of a discount on a long-term leasehold or freehold from a public body, for example as part of an asset transfer.

Find out if the fund is right for your organisation and how we can help by visiting the Community Ownership Fund support programme page: 

Read the full eligibility criteria here: What-is-the-Community-Ownership-Fund.pdf (

Join us from 12-2pm on the 11th of September for a free informational webinar on How to Write a Strong Application (Putting Together your Management Case). Full details of all informational webinars provided by the COF delivery partners will be provided soon on the MyCommunity platform – in the meantime, you might find the webinar we put on in May to be helpful: How to write a strong community ownership fund application-building your management case(Wales) – MyCommunity